Wine Tasting Journals

Take this compact wine tasting journal to your next wine tasting. A perfect gift for every wine lover, connoisseur and sommelier. Wine novices and pros alike will enjoy this handy place to jot down wine tasting notes during your tasting. 6″x9″ compact size fits well in your bag and 120 pages will give your plenty of space for several outings. Each page has space to rate and record each wine you experience.

  • Name of wine, vintage and price.
  • Type of grapes, producer, country and region.
  • % alcohol, serving temperature, perfect pairing, suggested glass.
  • Tasting details: when, where, with, appearance, nose and taste.
  • Space to document your opinion of the wine, plus notes and additional thoughts.

Guided Journal Pages | 6″ x 9″ | 120 Pages | Amazon Prime | $6.95

11 Cover Styles

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